Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Just a little introduction

Well hello everyone, this is my first post. So just thought I would take it nice and easy to get started off. Mind you, I am completely new to this whole idea of blogging. Now why did I come up with the idea of creating a blog purely based around Formula 1? Well, it is just because I absolutely love the sport! So I thought that it will be pretty interesting if I write up some little pieces every once in a while, may be after every race for instance, with my own thoughts and comments and opinions about the whole race weekend, including all the behind the scenes gossip and everything else that might be happening in Formula 1 between races and seasons.

I have actively been following the sport since only about 2003. I got into it thanks to some of my school friends back then, who themselves were hardcore Formula 1 fans, but ever since my love and passion for the sport has kept on increasing. From the outset, I have always been a die-hard Ferrari fan and have virtually worshipped Michael Schumacher! Still I will try to keep my posts here as unbiased and neutral as possible.

So that's it for now. I will try to write up another post within the next couple of days on the phenomenal start of the season we've just had, and I will also try to explain in short some of the new regulations that have come into effect this season, and how those regulations affect the sport.

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