Thursday, 25 June 2009

Formula One thrown into turmoil once again by Max Mosley

Just a day after a deal was reached between the FIA and FOTA to end the threat of a breakaway championship, the future of Formula 1 has been thrown into jeopardy once again by FIA president Max Mosley who is now saying that his decision to not seek re-election in October now remains open due to what he calls 'deliberate attempts' by FOTA to mislead the media.

Mosley said, in a letter written to the FOTA and Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo, that the peace deal was reached yesterday after all parties agreed that they believed generally on similar principles and that they will all provide a positive and truthful account to the media. Mosley has reacted angrily to some of the statements made by FOTA on the lines of 'Mosley being forced out of office' and 'FIA Senate president Michel Boeri taking charge until October' and so on. Mosley confirmed that he remains as president of the FIA at least until October, with full authority of that office. Mosley also said that it is up to the FIA member nations, and not FOTA, to decide who is elected as president of world motorsport's governing body. Mosley is furious after FOTA's press briefings and has demanded an apology and correction from the teams, otherwise the deal agreed yesterday may fall through. He is also angry about the fact that some members of the FOTA have apparently called him in the media as a 'dictator', which according to him, is insulting the 26 members of the FIA World Motor Sport Council who all have to agree before bringing in any change in rules and procedures into Formula 1. Mosley also said that the fact that the 122 member nations vote together to elect a president for the FIA shows that it is a very democratic system.

So just when we thought that this long running political saga has been finally put to rest, Max Mosley stirs it up again. The way I see it is the man and his huge ego at work again. While it is quite obvious that pressure from Bernie Ecclestone and CVC Capital Partners forced Mosley to strike a deal with FOTA, the man has too big of an ego to admit that and just move aside for the good of the sport. He will rather be in a position that even if Formula 1 goes down the drain, he has to be seen as the winner against the teams. I personally pray with all my life that whatever happens, Max Mosley does not get re-elected in October. He has done a few good bits for the sport, specially as far as safety is concerned, but this latest action from him just shows that he had his time, and we need a new leader in charge of the FIA now. Hopefully, this situation will be resolved promptly by all sides.

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