Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Massa's condition now stable, doctors say full recovery is possible

Doctors at the AEK military hospital in Budapest, Hungary told reporters on Monday that Felipe Massa's condition is continuing to improve as he has been taken out of sedation and is now able to sleep on his own. Several CT scans have been performed on him since Saturday evening, and the results of all the scans were consistently negative which means that there were no inherent damage to his brain. His overall condition is now "still serious but not critical", which means that he is now out of danger.

Massa's family continues to be with him at his bedside, and he has been able to communicate and speak to them. His wife and his father talked to reporters on Monday and told them that Massa is being real strong and is fighting hard, because his condition has been improving every hour. They also thanked the millions of fans worldwide for the huge support shown towards Massa, and they said that the love and support of all his fans will definitely help him to recover fully. As the official websites of Ferrari and that of Felipe Massa continue to be inundated with tons of get well messages, Massa's wife Rafaela said that he will recover fully and get back to racing before long.

Although there were some press reports yesterday that Massa's left eye may have been permanently damaged during the accident which may result in the end of his racing career, doctors said that it is too early to confirm anything about that. Peter Bazso, the hospital's medical director, said that Massa is still unable to open his left eye which is why they have not been able to examine the vision yet. He said that it may take them several days before they can determine if Massa had suffered any form of lasting injury. Although he did say that a full recovery is very much possible.

Dino Altmann, the Chief Medical Officer of the Brazilian Grand Prix and Massa's private doctor, confirmed that Massa was now able to speak. He said that Massa wanted to know what happened to him and that he had some other questions as well. Altmann also said they haven't asked Massa yet if he was able to remember the accident. He then explained that the emergency surgery done on Saturday evening was "life-saving" for Massa, and that the surgery was done due to the skull fracture and not brain swelling.

The Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro driver is no longer artificially ventilated and is able to breathe on his own. He has also been able to sleep without the help of sedatives since yesterday. At this point in time, it seems that all of his injuries are now superficial and nothing internal. So hopefully, in due course, he will be able to recover fully without any lasting effects of that accident. Whether and when he is able to get back to racing, if at all, is a different matter altogether. Although his return to Formula One has not been ruled out by anyone, that is in no way the primary concern now.

Felipe Massa continues to be in the thoughts and prayers of millions of his fans worldwide. Forza Felipe, siamo con te!

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